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Brand Name companies manufacture premium-priced products, so that buyers could enjoy years of trouble-free service in our fast-paced world.

On the other side No Name companies produce cheap stuff, buying which is mostly waste of money. You get what you paid for.

However there is a vast space in between them. This space, a gray zone, is populated by numerous companies that create stuff which may - or may not be worth buying. If an average user buys from this segment - they never know if these products will turn out to be useful and dependable, or worthless junk.

There definitely are companies that manufacture truly decent and affordable products. Cost-effective products that will boast an unrivalled quality/price ratio. How to find those products?


We look for quality products cost-effective products. Most of the time they will be 2-3 tiems cheaper than Brand Names. They will probably not have all those bells and whistles, but most people don't need them anyway.

Purchasing and delivery

Select a product in the SELECT A MODEL form and fill in your name and address. Your order will be assigned an Order ID. Review the data and press Submit button. Your order will be emailed to us for confirmation. You will receive an email with your your order confirmation and payment details. We accept Paypal payments. After payment your order will be shipped to you. shipment

Product Shipment

  • Products are usually shipped within 2-3 business days after payment
  • Products usually can be gift-wrapped
  • Shipment is usually done by DHL/FedEx/UPS/EMS/TNT and takes 5-7 days
  • Most users are delighted with quality!

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About Us

Optimiware is dedicated to delivering guidance in choosing optimized hardware and software solutions to users of Linux, Windows and Android desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, TVs and routers in SOHO LANs, who strive to get better productivity from their equipment.

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