Linux Mint comes with a pre-installed user-friendly universal set of packages. These packages are fine to try on a flash card, but a serious user needs a lot more than that. That's why I offer a full set of sophisticated tools that will provide business, communication and entertainment needs of an advanced user.

Often there are a few apps in each category - i.e. like editors - because each app does its job differently. Only you will know which app to use in any particular case.

Linux apps are usually minimalistic in design and descriptions - because they are intuitively understandable. This stems from the fact that they were created by developers for themselves, hence no need to bloat the apps with redundant features or descriptions. Minimalistic in design and description, but feature-rich and they do the job - that's their common feature.

Devices and technologies have become very complicated in our fast-paced life. Products often lack User Guides because product development goes faster than writing of User Guides for them. A User Guide may be written, but may be difficult for understanding. That's why I offer this practical Guide to a High-Performance Linux Setup.

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