Intel Core i5-7200U 2.5GHz

24/365 Fanless Silent Workstation

Low power consumption

Package Contents

Core Features


Balance between performance and price. Good for gaming with a dedicated graphics processor


Durable Aluminium Radiator Housing, Silent Fanless Passive Cooling


Intel HD Graphics 620 Video, High Definition Audio


24/365 Low Maintenance PC, Robust Thick Aluminium Alloy Housing, Low Temperature CPU


Hyperthreading, Max 8Gb Dual Channel RAM, 1*2.5 SATA HDD, 1*mSATA SSD


Power max 15W, average max 8.7W, Supports TDP-Down 7.5W

Silent Fanless Passive Cooling in High Grade Thick Durable Aluminium Radiator Housing

Small form-factor, newest microelectronic components, light weight and low power consumption. However it can be equipped with Dual Channel high-capacity RAM that will significantly speed up its performance.

Main mSATA SSD, optionally one additional 2.5 SATA HDD/SDD can be installed.

Takes no space on your desk

Can be kept on your desk, or put vertically on a stand or mounted on to the backside of a monitor or on a wall using optional VESA mounting bracket. Runs silently in the background. Uses low temperature CPU and SSD, so if you touch it by hand, most of the time it will be just a little warm.

Made for you to love

Can be used as a general home computer, HTPC, office workstation, file server - for control, surveillance, audio and video streaming in offices, training centers, factories, hotels, internet cafes and everywhere where durability, low mainenance, low consumption and 24/365 function is required.

Reliability, Convenience and Unlimited Opportunities for Home and Business

Why Optimize?

Linux powers 90% of the Internet

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