problems of a modern manWhat this website is about?

The goal of our site is to bring some clarity to the computer-network issues that besiege modern man.

Every day life sets new tasks for him and requires him to comply. These tasks today are very serious.

For example, an average non-technical person wants to have a fast home network with NAS storage 5-6TB, in which he will store his favorite movies that he wants to watch on his huge 4k WQHD QLED TV.

The TV, of course, in order to avoid wires stretching throughout the house, must be connected to the router via WiFi - which means that the router must be fast (not lower than 802.11ac) and powerful, so that it can transfer the video signal from the NAS to television without any delay.

Since it may happen that this evening his wife will watch TV while he himself wants to work with his documents that are also stored on the server (NAS + router), it should be ensured that the router has increased bandwidth. His documents have a lot of graphics - and it requires a large amount of storage and large bandwidth to download them from the NAS to the computer.

Moreover, the children at this moment may well play the game through the same router in the neighboring rooms - and if the game slows down, then there will be a lot of noise. It is clear that he needs a high-end router with maximum WiFi speed and maximum bandwidth.

He thinks: "Do I need a NAS? It is very expensive. Maybe I can attach a 6TB USB drive to the router? This would save a thousand dollars - or maybe two."

Sometimes at work it is necessary to urgently get some document from the home NAS, and for this he needs access to the home NAS from the external network. This of course greatly complicates the mode of the router - but if you need it, you need it and there's nothing to do.

The network, of course, must be reliably protected from hackers. The router must be resistant to hacking attempts and ddos ​​attacks.

Also of course it would be good to bring the home Apache web server to the router. And also download manager - and, perhaps, also eMule, because it does not work behind a router - it must be on the open Internet, and you can’t connect a computer to the Internet without a router.

A few years ago, he could say: "I do not know, I do not know how to do that!" And today it is already impossible. The leadership - as well as many others - will cease to appreciate and respect him - with all the ensuing consequences.

You can read articles in modern computer magazines and look for answers to your questions in them. The problem however is that articles in magazines are written by reporters or outsourcers who have a poor understanding of the issue. There is very little valuable information per a unit of text, and whichever there is, on closer examination, turns out to be common words, or unapplicable, or irrelevant, or retelling of the long-known.

In our blog, we will try to address all these issues and help a modern active person to efficiently organize their relationship with a computer, router, laptop, printer, file storage, website creation, etc. etc.