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I've been using Windows since 1994. In 2011 I could not stand it any more.


I've been working in IT since 1998. I had ordered to custom develop an e-commerce website - and I had to test it. Thus I became a tester. In 2000-2001 I studied software testing in Silicone Valley. Then I became a Test Manager at IBM. I set up test labs and did Functional Automation and Performance Testing to optimize information systems in banks. Now I promote Linux and help users get out of the dead-end. Life demands more and more every day - and lots of people don't know how to cope with that complexity. Linux provides unlimited opportunities to those who can meet requirements of tomorrow.

Victor Stadnichenko 2019

Being effective

You are fine as long as your web application works, your data is safe, your computer is not locked by ransomware and hackers are kept out of your LAN. License fees, bugs, cracks, malware, Windows poor performance, vulnerabilities and limitations are like chains on your feet - but so far you run your business. So far so good, but life accelerates every day and brings us ever more changes and challenges. Giant companies are pushed out of business by disruptive innovations - because they failed to optimize their businesses yesterday. Will you optimize yours today? Some people will optimize, others will not - and will go out of business quite soon.

Victor Stadnichenko 2010


Before moving to Linux I was a member of a group that joined in an attempt to detox and humanize Windows - RyanVM Forum. Windows is a "No" domain - to whatever you want or ask they always answer No. Windows is very inconvenient and rigid. Navigation through its parts is a disaster - when you get into some of its inner parts, you don't know how to get out - there is no way, it's not provided. Windows has a monolithic construction that is very difficult to modify. So we all tried to pull bad parts from Windows and put good apps into the installation process.

Victor Stadnichenko 2004

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