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Indeed, why buy from Optimiware when Aliexpress is full of computers and you can easily find a cheaper one? Definitely, there are hundreds of ways to lose your money. In fact you will buy a worse one. If you don't have the experience, you will quickly get lost in endless meaningless details - while important ones will be hidden from you. You don't know what is important and what is not. You will be quickly talked into buying what you don't need.

If you buy from a No-Name company on Ali Express, you may easily - as I did - run into the following situations:

  • Your computer may stop working soon - but no one will be willing to provide your "3-year-warranty" service
  • You may send your computer to them - but they will pretend they can't get it through customs and will return it to you unrepaired or even more damaged 3 months later
  • You may ask them where you can buy a replacement motherboard - but they will not give you the manufacturer's email pretending they don't speak English
  • You may ask them to send you a replacement motherboard - but they will tell you your model is out of stock
  • etc.

You may end up throwing your computer to the trash can soon

We charge a little, but we

  • Protect your investment
  • Find good suppliers and products for you
  • Find the best price-to-quality ratio for you
  • Negotiate the best warranty and service conditions for you
  • Make sure you get what you paid for - the best for your money
  • Make sure you have many years of happy experience with your computer!

Brand Name companies offer premium-priced products, so that buyers could enjoy years of trouble-free service in our fast-paced world.

On the other side No Name companies offer cheap stuff, buying which is mostly waste of money. You get what you paid for.

However there is a vast space in between them. This gray zone, is populated by numerous companies that create stuff which may - or may not be worth buying. If an average user buys from this segment - they never know if these products will turn out to be useful and dependable, or worthless junk.

There definitely are companies that manufacture truly decent and affordable products. Cost-effective products that will boast an unrivalled quality/price ratio. How to find those products?

We look for quality products cost-effective products. Most of the time they will be 2-3 tiems cheaper than Brand Names. They will probably not have all those bells and whistles, but most people don't need them anyway.

I am a huge fan and promoter of Linux operating system. I strongly believe Linus Torvalds made an enormous gift to mankind by making his operating system free and thus establishing the institution of Free Open Source Software.

Linux powers 90% of internet servers, 100% of the Top 500 computers, Android phones, cars, TV sets, space ships and submarines. Linux empowers thousands of people, who turn the value of FOSS into money they bring to their homes.

Microsoft helps helpless users, and thus is interested in keeping them helpless. while Linux requires understanding, and it will grow your understanding in all possible ways. This is the value that you will pass on to your children and grandchildren.

Linux is free, and it offers thousands of free high quality applications for productivity, entertainment, business and virtually anything.

But how do you move into this blue ocean? It's another world. The first step is difficult. That's where I offer my guide, using which you can have a trouble-free reliable and beautiful Linux setup in a few hours. Otherwise you can try on your own and in a few years you'll have a setup as great as the one I'm offering you right now.

My guide on moving to Linux is based on 8 years of my experience as Linux user and 25+ years of my experience as Windows user in roles like a Software QA Engineer, Test Automator, Load Tester, Test Manager, Sysadmin, IT Manager, Developer. You can read more about my experience on Linkedin.

About Us

Optimiware is dedicated to delivering guidance in choosing optimized hardware and software solutions to users of Linux, Windows and Android desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, TVs and routers in SOHO LANs, who strive to get better productivity from their equipment.

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