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Optimiware is dedicated to delivering guidance to users, who strive to optimize their computing experience and get better performance from their desktops, laptops, phones, routers, scanners, printers, and storage

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Step-by-step guides to move your main Workstation and Router to Linux to never look back. Install Windows as your parallel Operating System.

Better Software

Your guide to master Linux, the top-performance rock-solid operation system that will empower you to achieve your best.

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Better Network

Your guide to install Linux on your Router to turn it into a powerful gateway server and stand up to the challenges of tomorrow.

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Better Windows

Your guide to reliably use Windows as a parallel Operating System on your computer and have the best of both worlds.

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Better Desktops

Cost-effective fanless silent workstations with passive radiator cooling and all-in-one computers, for Home, Office, Programming and Business.

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Better Laptops

Feather-light slim laptops in aluminum-alloy casing with bright IPS screens, i3-i5-i7 CPUs, full-sized keyboard and 7+ hours worktime battery.

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Better Smartphones

We avoid overpriced products and promote high quality Android phones from advanced manufacturers who offer them at affordable prices.

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Rock-solid Soft/Hardware for Home, Office and Business

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Linux in a cost-effective low-maintenance fanless silent computer can run 24/365 as an Office Workstation, Surveillance monitor, HTPC